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Jan 23, 2009
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Thanks to Bill Riley who discovered this issue and help develop a solution.

If you are using long wire leads for the MrfPyro switch terminal, long is greater than 24", continuity testing upon startup may give a failed status even though ematch continuity is good. The reliability decreases as the switch wire leads are lengthened. The solution to this is to place around a 4.7uf or greater ceramic capacitor across the switch terminals along with your wire leads.

All future MrfPyro will include this capacitor mounted to the PCB.

Existing owners of MrfPyro have 3 options:
1. Do nothing if your switch leads are normally 24" long or less.
2. I will send you the leaded capacitor upon request (and a few extras in case you they run away in the future).
3. I will permanently mount the cap on your MrfPyro if you send it back to me, I will cover the return shipping.