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Jan 17, 2009
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Well, Jack Hagerty's article on the 'Snoop inspired me to build a clone. I never owned the kit when I was younger--the cooling fins scared me! Now that I am older and wiser (at least older), I decided to bite the bullet, download the plans from JimZ, and get crankin'!

I must say the rocket is really cool--pretty difficult too. I didn't have a balsa adapter, so I made a paper transition. I haven't decided on a paint scheme yet, so here is a picture of the rocket in the "raw".

So, I just want to say "thanks" to Jack and JimZ for inspiring me, and having the plans available for use.
Originally posted by rocketguy101
Well, Jack Hagerty's article on the 'Snoop inspired me

That should have said "Jack Hagerty's article in the Sep/Oct 2004 Sport Rocketry magazine..."
I did have a mars snooper back in the day. It along with about 100 other models were stolen from a stroage shed in the mid 70's, really bummed me out... over the years I've rebuild, cloned or purchased and built collector kits to replace many of the beloved original fleet. The Snooper was one of the first:D I've never been one to go by the panel color scheme..Just seemed to restrictive;) My original Mars snooper was Candy Grape over Silver, Man what a shine! so when I scratch built the replacement I recreated the Candy Grape over Silver.. Then I wanted to Upscale to a D12 powered model those 7 nosecones were a temporary setback.. that was a lot of balsa.. but I finally bit the bullet and bought the required cones. This one was finished one step better with a medium Silver metal flake over silver again in Candy Grape. Then Micro Maxx came on the scene and I just had to try.. Shes on the heavy side but does fly in the 15 to 20 foot range.. again all the cones:eek: I hope you get as much pure enjoyment out of building and flying IMHO one of the turely great Model rocket designs ever released.
I had a Snooper II, and it landed in a lake back in about 1982. What a mess!!

Here is a link to a pic of what it looked like until last summer when I parted it out to build a Mini Bomarc:

I did pick up a Snooper clone from BMS at NARAM this summer... I always wanted to build it.
Originally posted by Micromeister
I hope you get as much pure enjoyment out of building and flying IMHO one of the turely great Model rocket designs ever released.

I agree!

Nice looking rockets! I was thinking of candy apple red over silver--seeing your pics, I not so afraid of that now. However, there is something "old school" :cool: about putting catalog colors on it!
I just bought a clone kit from BMS (kinda pricey, but I used my Xmas bonus for it) and can't wait for it's arrival! My first experience as a rocketeer was in the mid to late ho-hum 80's where most everything was a 3 or 4FNC or some variant thereof. My dad showed me the 1971 catalog, saw the Mars Snooper and immediately wanted to build it, but cloning in those days for a 10 year old with a tiny budget was impossible.

As far as color schemes go, I'm thinking of chameleon paint, "Pacific Green to Mystic Purple". I'm thinking of breaking my personal paint livery rules unless I build a REAL vintage kit. Then I'll build stock and paint it like the kit panel. :D