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Jan 19, 2009
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This is the official location of The Rocketry Forum Best Rocket Competition. This is a monthly event to show off your "stuff" and find out who has THE BEST ROCKET OF THE MONTH! When entering, make sure you follow the criteria listed below and you will do fine. From the 21st(or there about) until the end of the month we'll be polling to see who should win the Best Rocket Competition.

Whenever I can get appropriate sponsorships for the month there will be 2 contests. One will be strictly LOW POWER(F impulse and below) and the other will be MPR/HPR(G impulse and higher). So double check to make sure you entering in the correct 'power level' thread! Only ONE entry per person per month(no entering BOTH LPR and MPR/HPR in a single given month!).<-A couple people(me included), violated this rule in February. It will be enforced this month, and I promise not to break it!..LOL.. The thread titles will reflect the power level: XXX Best Rocket Competition LPR or XXX Best Rocket Competition MPR/HPR.

Da Rulez

1. Header of picture should include, name, what kit or was it custom, LPR, MPR or HPR. Example: LPR Estes Hijinx..Put this in the 'title' block when posting.
2. A BRIEF description of rocket details. Anything that would make it apparent to somebody that yours is THE BEST.
3. Only ONE entry per month.
4. Please no extended off topic conversations.
5. Rockets made at any period of time may be used.Rocket needs to be in your possession/fleet at the time of the competition!
5A. Rockets entered MUST have at least one successful flight. Not simulated, but real world flying through the sky type..with successful recovery.
6. Rocket may be entered into the current months competition only ONCE! Rocket may be entered into a following months competition if it fits the given category.
7. If there is a monthly specified type of contest (such as red, white and blue themed), you can only enter rockets that are applicable.
8. Entries will be taken first 3 weeks of month and after the 21st of every month the contest closes.
9. The last week of the month we will be polling on who should win in each class. If there are more then seven(7) entries for the month, the entries will be split into multiple polls based on entry sequence into the competition and a run-off will be held with the top vote recipients from each poll. Run off voting period will be 5 days.
10. Winners get bragging rights for a month!


Easy theme this month: ANYTHING green! Need not be all green, but since March has St Patty's Day, the 'wearin of the green' is keen! :) What? Your rocket has no green on it? Simple shoot a spot of green on it, or cutout a four leaf clover from green paper and tape it on and you're good to go! ;) In other words, use your imagination to put some green on that rocket that doesn't have green on it presently! :)

So, show us your awesome builds!

Remember detail, details, details! So don't be shy, include extra photos of the little bits that make YOUR model extra special!
If you entry is a kit, let us know who's kit it is!


Our awesome sponsor this month is Stickershock! And the goodies up for this month is $30 off any decal set or custom order! :D

So, let's get those entries in!

Rockets entered with no discernible green on them will trigger a deployment of ninja leprechauns to pinch you!
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Well happy st patties day! Get your green rockets out and let us see them..

One more thing. I have plenty of green vinyl and time to make you decals before the contest is over.. so don't hesitate to order some decals now and get in on this months contest!
My entry is a rocket I call, "Non-Toxic Green." This is my L1 project from 2007. It has flown on a variety of G's and H's. I brought it to LDRS27 in Kansas and flew it on a H123 sparky and to NSL at Bong in 2009. The photo below is of it on an H180 - one of my favorite reloads.


(This is the first time I have entered one of these - did I do it right?)

non toxic green - wayne - small.JPG
My entry is a rocket I call, "Non-Toxic Green." This is my L1 project from 2007. It has flown on a variety of G's and H's. I brought it to LDRS27 in Kansas and flew it on a H123 sparky and to NSL at Bong in 2009. The photo below is of it on an H180 - one of my favorite reloads.


(This is the first time I have entered one of these - did I do it right?)

Looks great to me! Perfect!

Come on there has to be more green themed rockets out there!!

Get in on it! While you can...
This rocket is a modified Dynastar Sky Torpedo. It is a 24mm powered BT-80 with airscoops mounted to direct air between the rings and out holes in the bottom ring to reduce base drag. It's a great small field rocket as it has a fast boost but short coast and makes a hollow tone when flying. The surface mount fins are reinforced with fiberglas wall repair tape from tip to tip covered in many coats of wood glue and filled with liberal amounts of glazing putty. The body also got several coats of glazing putty to smooth out the scoop joints. It has had six flights since the mod and twelve flights as a Sky Torpedo. The paint is Armorcote rust paint, three coats primer, four coats fluorescent green and two coats black on the accents. Sorry no launch pics but there are several videos on youtube under "dedleytedley".:eek: Ted
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The Mickey's Rocket is inspired by Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor. It's mostly Testors' green metal flake. The Mickey's logo and Mickey's hornet were hand painted by me. There is one hornet on each fin. The gold rings at the nose cone mimic the design of a Mickey's bottle cap, of which there is one sealed in the payload section. Its flights are a little wobbly when it's loaded, never ejects prematurely, it always returns to earth safely and is quickly ready for another round. Very March and St. Patrick's day appropriate, I would say.


(Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor is not very fine; in fact, I don't like it much at all. I like the hornet and thought it would make a unique rocket.)


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It's green, and mean. It's a wildman JR that I flew for my L2 with a 6 grain CTI skidmark. Flys great on everything H thru J, especially aerotech green motors.

my son picked out the orange to give it a pumpkin-y look....

Wildman JR on J skidmark at LDRS.jpg

Wildman JR on I motor.JPG
Looks like some great choices Thanks for entering them...
Sorry but come on there has to be more greenies out there. only a couple more weeks to get in on this... :D
only a couple more weeks to get in on this... :D

A couple more weeks?!?!?:eyepop::shock: Let me see how many days are in March..Hmmm, 31..And we need to have some time for voting..And then maybe allow the winner relish in victory while it is still March..So...With that in mind I am placing the deadline to:

Midnight EDT, March 22nd(or when I got home from work whichever is later)

Voting will last for 1 week and end on the 29th, so the winner at least can celebrate for 2 days in March for having the best rocket of the month! :)

So, you guys with green rockets, you got 'til Monday to show your stuff! ;)
ok, so I meant days... LOL I must have been in a time warp... it's justa step to the left...

Ding, dong, the witch is dead!

Umm I mean the contest is hereby officially closed! Poll to be posted shortly!