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Jan 19, 2009
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This is the official location of The Rocketry Forum Best Rocket Competition. This is a monthly event to show off your "stuff" and find out who has THE BEST ROCKET OF THE MONTH! When entering, make sure you follow the criteria listed below and you will do fine. From the 21st(or there about) until the end of the month we'll be polling to see who should win the Best Rocket Competition.

Whenever I can get appropriate sponsorships for the month there will be 2 contests. One will be strictly LOW POWER(F impulse and below) and the other will be MPR/HPR(G impulse and higher). So double check to make sure you entering in the correct 'power level' thread! Only ONE entry per person per month(no entering BOTH LPR and MPR/HPR in a single given month!). The thread titles will reflect the power level: XXX Best Rocket Competition LPR or XXX Best Rocket Competition MPR/HPR.

Da Rulez

1. Header of picture should include, name, what kit or was it custom, LPR, MPR or HPR. Example: LPR Estes Hijinx..Put this in the 'title' block when posting.
2. A BRIEF description of rocket details. Anything that would make it apparent to somebody that yours is THE BEST.
3. Only ONE entry per month.
4. Please no extended off topic conversations.
5. Rockets made at any period of time may be used.Rocket needs to be in your possession/fleet at the time of the competition!
5A. Rockets entered MUST have at least one successful flight. Not simulated, but real world flying through the sky type..with successful recovery.
6. Rocket may be entered into the current months competition only ONCE! Rocket may be entered into a following months competition if it fits the given category.
7. If there is a monthly specified type of contest (such as red, white and blue themed), you can only enter rockets that are applicable.
8. Entries will be taken first 3 weeks of month and after the 21st of every month the contest closes.
9. The last week of the month we will be polling on who should win in each class. If there are more then seven(7) entries for the month, the entries will be split into multiple polls based on entry sequence into the competition and a run-off will be held with the top vote recipients from each poll. Run off voting period will be 5 days.
10. Winners get bragging rights for a month!


Easy theme this month: ANYTHING green! Need not be all green, but since March has St Patty's Day, the 'wearin of the green' is keen! What? Your rocket has no green on it? Simple shoot a spot of green on it, or cutout a four leaf clover from green paper and tape it on and you're good to go! In other words, use your imagination to put some green on that rocket that doesn't have green on it presently! :)

So, show us your awesome builds!

Remember detail, details, details! So don't be shy, include extra photos of the little bits that make YOUR model extra special!
If you entry is a kit, let us know who's kit it is!


Our awesome sponsor this month is Sirius Rocketry! Get Sirius with your rockets! And the prize is a $30 dollar shopping spree at Sirius Rocketry!

So, let's get those entries in!

Rockets entered with no discernible green on them will trigger a deployment of ninja leprechauns to pinch you!
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OK this one I've gotta enter:

It's my Pot-O-Gold St Pat's Day Odd-Roc. Fashioned from all kinds of stuff found in the stores around our favorite drinking hoilday.

Base is our 2" diameter Pot o gold with a jig dancing little person tipping his durby to all the folks. Internally we have a standard 13mm motor mount sleeved with a 12mm Clear polyproplene mailing tube stuffer extension chute compartment that holds the 13" green plastic chute and 12mm custom noseblock inside the durby hat nosecone. 3 Large shamrocks make up the fins which attach to the Pot with bamboo skewers and green glitter filled epoxy fillets. The model flys on an A10-3T 13mm motor with ease.

Some of the stats: OA length 8.75"
Max dia. 2.0"
Shamrock finspan: 5.75"
LOwt with A10-3T= 78.9g (2.78oz)
Has only flown Twice: 1st flight 03-24-07 in Open Spot landing competition:
but the model kicked the motor but deployed the chute landing with no damage. Still DQ'ed for kicking the motor:(
2nd flight: 03-15-08 straight up, about 150' good chute, cracked one fin on landing.

A super fun Odd-Roc addition to my Holiday Theme rocket collection:)

458a5_Pot-O-Gold Odd-Roc 2pic (128dpi)_03-10-07.jpg

458lp01e-sm_Pot-O-Gold 1st Flt OSL 4pic_03-24-07.jpg
This is my first time submitting anything for the Best Rocket Competition so maybe i will do this right

My intry is a Estes Photon Probe that just hit the shelves a couple days ago. I got this as kinda of a door prize back in Jan. at out monthly launch. I painted it just like the picture in the package. Was a very good build and a great flier. I flew this at last months launch

Specs on the rocket is
Skill Level 2
Length 23 inches
Diameter 1.32 in
Weight 3.45 oz
Recovery 18 in parachute

Photon Probe 001.jpg
Photon Probe 002.jpg
This is my first time submitting anything for the Best Rocket Competition so maybe i will do this right

My intry is a Estes Photon Probe that just hit the shelves a couple days ago. I got this as kinda of a door prize back in Jan. at out monthly launch. I painted it just like the picture in the package. Was a very good build and a great flier. I flew this at last months launch

Specs on the rocket is
Skill Level 2
Length 23 inches
Diameter 1.32 in
Weight 3.45 oz
Recovery 18 in parachute

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Nice! But quick! Throw a green stripe on it or something so it fits within this months rules!:eek:
Ninja Leprechauns scrambling for mobilization!

They thought I was kidding, as they had been laying around drinking green beer!:eyepop::roll:
This is my Estes 1/9 scale Honest John. It was originally introduced by Estes in 1975 as one of the "Maxi Brute" series which included the Honest John, Pershing, Saturn V and the V-2.

In 2000, Estes reintroduced this kit and three others in a limited edition series. I received this kit as a birthday present that year and IIRC, I spent about 2-3 weeks building it and other than the two piece plastic molded fins, it was fairly easy to build as my first large scale project.

It has also proven to be a very reliable flier. I have flown this mostly on D12-3's and on the last flight I got a little brave and flew it on an E9-4. I thought maybe it would be underpowered due to the lower initial thrust of the E9 but it was a perfect straight flight to maybe 400-500 feet and it recovers on two 24 inch Estes chutes (one for the booster and another for the huge and heavy NC assembly) and looks great coming down.

Although it might look black in the photo, it is actually Olive Drab green.

Some people fly these on AT 24mm reloads but I'm not brave enough to do that.;)

Honest John.jpg
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Well what the heck! It's got green on it. It's already got it's own thread, but this is my Valkyrie II. Scratch built, flies on single 18mm. Flies much better than its predecessor. It's unique because it is built slightly un-symmetrical (ie. I screwed up but it still flies!)

I mixed up fin root edges and leading edges when I glued them on. No one noticed in the original posts, but if you look close you'll see the fins are slightly different on each side.




This just in:
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Time is getting short! The deadline for entry is:

Midnight EDT, March 22nd(or whenever I get home from work, whichever is later)

So, guys and gals, lets see your rockets! Put a little splash of green on them and they are good to go..Just remember this is for LPR(F class and below!)..Monday night the bell tolls! Don't be left out! :)
OK I got one that is definitely green :D

This is the classic Estes Alien Space Probe cloned from the JIMZ site. I may do some decals at some point but right now I'm happy with it as is.

Couple of changes from the kit.

I used lite-ply discs cut from centering rings for the landing feet. I also changed the angle of the feet to sit flat when standing. The kit had them angled to match the angle of the leg. Kevlar shock cord, 24mm motor mount to fly C11 and D12 power.

The paint is something I have not used before. This is done in Testors "One Coat Lacquer" in Lime Ice. Very shiny and very metallic. I have not put any future on the model just yet.



Since time is running short, here is my entry. :) It is a ring finned rocket I built a couple years ago. It was the first time doing a scratch design. Minimum diameter 18mm body tube with a BT100 ring. Have flown it many times and always got a kick out of the recovery phase as the big ring would act almost like a wing and the rocket would 'fly' horizontally coming back down on streamer..The internal ring supports have broken on a number of hard concrete/asphalt landings and Hoopty has been retired..I think an upscale may come eventually! :)

I'd like to submit my Fliskits Upscale TOG;

Close-up shots of custom decal/detail work;


Note on the significance of the tail markings;
This was actually kit #16 that I bought from Jim at the US TOG's release at iHobby 2006. Thus FKPN 16 = Flis Kits Production Number 16

With its designer at NARCON 2007;

Its maiden flight at NARCON;

Flies absolutely beautifully on D12-5s

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Last minute Fliskits Tres. I just flew it two weekends ago at our club launch on three C6-5's. In the picture, it looks like just two lit; but if you look real close on the left, you can see that there are two flames blending together (bad camera angle).

I used wood filler to fill all spirals and balsa grain, papered the fins, and primed everything a couple of times. It is finished with Testors Citrus Metallic and Rustoleum Black (both lacquers). I made the "3's" from clear waterslide decal paper and applied a couple of coats of futures to everything. After all of that, I knocked a whole shelf's worth of rockets plummeting to a concrete floor. The Tres was not spared...nose cone and fins nicked, paint transfer with orange rocket, etc. This required some buffing and touch-up, but she's good as new.





Ding, dong, the witch is dead!

Umm I mean the contest is hereby officially closed! Poll to be posted shortly!