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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
My first rocket was the Estes Marauder. Built it with my Dads help back when I was six years old. I no longer have the rocket, but I still like the design. So I decided a while back to build an upscale version of it. I finally got the final pieces I needed to build it, so I got out my epoxy, knifes, and sandpaper and started building :). Its a approximately a 250% upscale from the original :) Three inch tube to four inch payload bay. Sports a 38mm motor mount for G-I flights.

Sorry, the rocket is built. Had some trouble with my digital camera (the workshop one) and did not get it working right till after the build was done. However, the build was pretty straight forward. Only thing different about this rocket than normal was having to cut my own slots for the fins. That is very easy to do :). I used SpaceCad to print out a fin location guide. marked the tube, extended the lines, marked where the back and front of the fin tabs were, and used a hobby knife to cut out the slots. A lot easier than it sounds :).
Yesterday my Marauder went on its first flight naked. I chose to use a G64-7W motor, and the flight was perfect :). I will post a video soon.

Congrats on the flight!! I always liked the Marauder, built one back @ 1984 myself. Please do post the video and any other info about the model! :cool:
Here is the video from its first flight :). I took plenty of pics but none of them came out because I somehow bumped the aperture settings and overexposed the pictures :(.

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