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Many reloads for sale Aerotech and Cesaroni Updated listing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 1, 2013
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This is a lot I purchased from another member here. Due to circumstances I will not be attending NARAM in July to pick them up or can I find someone from the FL area to pick them up for me, so I am relisting them. These can be picked up at NARAM.

Pm me. Paymemt by Paypal

Buy 4 reloads or more, 10% discount. Buy 7 or more 15% discount

Aerotech Reloads

H-238 4 each $15 each
H 128 2 each $15 each
H-112 1 each $17
H-220 1 each $17

Cesaroni reloads

38 mm

J-330 6 Grain 1 each $38 each
J-360 6 Grain 1 each $38 each

I-205 3 Grain 2 each $23 each
I-170 3 grain 3 each $23 each
H-153 2 Grain 1 each $17

29 mm Reloads

H-160 6 Grain 2 each $22 each
H-140 5 Grain 2 each $20 each
H-266 4 Grain 1 each $17 each

24 mm
I each
G-117,G-150 G-65 6 Grain. I each
F-240 3 Grain $35 for all (counts as one for discount purposes)
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