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So far I have only had time to watch the BMS presentation but darn if Bill Saindon isn't making entry level L1 and L2 certs doable for cheap! It may be the new entry level drug replacing the Leviathan (29mm MMT and a double tubed 38mm MMT version).

After getting a chance to watch the rest of the video there are some good new products coming out, I will most likely acquire a couple of the Apogee BT70 to BT 80 transistions, and red and white Shrox rocket (forgot the name, Johnny something).
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Chad Ring provides a great service to the community by recording the proceedings. But... no Estes or Aerotech participation this year?


Chris Taylor is the person providing the Live Streaming and recording of NARAM-59 events.
That Live Streaming is cool. Just like you were sitting in the room.

AeroTech/Quest and Estes staff are pretty busy right now and can't be spared.