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Manufacturer special - 8/98 Lightened Thrust Plate

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Jun 23, 2011
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Who wants it? I cut another one of these just for fun (well, it started because there was a defect in the anodizing, so I machined it into a cool custom lightened plate).

Over 30% off retail at $60 plus shipping just because, well, I guess I am just excited to be back from a bunch of overseas trips and excited as HECK to be jammin' in the shop again! Gotta catch up!

Very nice! I almost need it. If it had been a 75mm hole, I'd be all over it. Phooey.

-no I don't wanna adapt down-
Scott- good to hear your back in town making chips! That is a sweet T/P! Gonna be one of a kind if it gets to the left coast!
Hi Scott,

I assume the backside looks like the normal plates? If so I will take it


Bill D
Backside normal, its yours! Send me your address to [email protected] and I can approximate shipping and forward an invoice. Part of the deal I forgot to mention, need a picture or build thread!
Bill I have not heard from you, are you still interested or should another TRF'er be offered this? I am still honoring you as the first taker but it cant last much longer , please reply to my email - [email protected]

Hi Scott,

I assume the backside looks like the normal plates? If so I will take it


Bill D
And to think, it was almost a piece of scrap just due to a flaw I didn't like in the anodizing. This was more fun than stripping and replating, or worse yet throwing it out.
Bill if your interested let me know. Anyone else know if Bill is still interested in this? No harm no foul if not, I'd just like to offer it up to some other lucky TRF'er if he decided against it!
Bill needs to buy it before I get into trouble! I don't even have an 8" project in mind!
I do have one in mind, farther down the road. But a good deal is a good deal. I can hang it on the wall for inspiration.

No... I don't want to adapt down...