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Mar 14, 2004
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Got a long, heavy rocket that needs a bit more rod than your Mantis offers?

Aerotech Mantis Launch Rod Extensions

Goes between the two original pieces to extend the rod by 50% (to 7 feet), for those long, heavy birds that take a little longer getting up to speed.

(Note: Aerotech recommends rockets no more than 52 oz. be launched from the Mantis.)

1/4" aluminum stock, tapped at both ends, with a set screw to be inserted into one end for insertion into female end of Mantis rod. Set screw is threaded full length for greater strength.

Made on order, $10 plus shipping*. Request "Aerotech Mantis Launch Rod Extension"

Total Concept Tool, Inc.
2 Research Drive
Branford, CT
Albert Mirto Jr.
Tel: 203-483-1130
Fax: 203-483-0529
email: [email protected]
alternate: [email protected]

* I don't know how much and neither did he. I'm picking mine up. He can tell you the charge when you request one.
a 7' long aluminum rod will be pretty flexible. when I used 1/4" rods I used a normal Steel one that was 6' long, and it whips like crazy if you use anything heavy, especially in the Mantis pad. It's been said before, but I can't help but recommend rails.

If you do want to extend your Mantis rod, then this looks like a great option. Good find!

just my $0.02, YMMV