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Jan 18, 2009
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Does anyone know where to find patterns for making hemishperical parachutes that only have 4 or 5 pieces of fabric? I have made one from Nakkas web site that had 12 gores. It was not to bad to make but it seems the other way would be better. Less seams seems to me would mean less things to fail. If anyone is trying to make your own chutes you might want to try a rotary cutter. I was cutting 4 layers of 1.75 oz ripstop nylon at a time. I was able to cut all the gores in about 5 minutes....just a thought. Thanks for any information anyone has......

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If your interested in developing your own patterns here is how I did mine and a couple shots of the shroudline attachements and spill hole stitching.
Hope these helps....and you have a better 2/3rds with a decent sewing machine LOL!

Gore Development DWG-d_03-06-03.jpg

Chute Fab-b-sm_Shroud attachment_02-10-04.jpg
I know an X-form is not what your looking for but this works for me and it doesn't waste any material!

Real simple one strip of material down the middle and two pieces 1/3rd the length of the main section and the same width.

Mix and match the colors any way you like.;)

Allow enough for a seam.

x form chute.JPG
Micro- was that a math book that you got that page from?
Micro- was that a math book that you got that page from?

Actually No Pat!
it was taken from a drafting handbook, I still have it at work, don't recall the title but was one of the first drafting class books I kept for my School Days:, This particular section is on laying out forms in the flat for sheet metal work. I've used this very method on a 36 foot steel ribbed globe, Plastic hemi Parachutes and as mentioned for 6" hemi chutes as well:)

Plastic Hemi chute-c_3pic Pg_01-12-00.jpg
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Thanks for all the replies. I think I am going to give the Team Vatsaas pattern a try. I did find an easy way to make the pattern any size desired. You need an opaqe projector. I think that is what it is called. You can put anything in it and it will project it. You then just adjust the projected image to the size needed and trace the pattern to whatever you are using for the pattern. I am using poster board for this one. It will be an 8ft chute. Maybe I will do a build thread. Thanks again for the suggestions