making own wires for Magnelite kit

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Apr 7, 2004
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Hey all. Many people on have said the only downside to the Magnelite kit is that it requires you to use their wires. How is that so? Could you use your own solder-less ignitors dipped in their pyrogen?
This is a link to an Info-central. Jim Ball did a nice write up of solderless ignitors. I have been using this method for the last year and I can tell you that it works great. I have tried serveral differnt nichrome gauges and can tell you that I like 32 the best. For wire I have used CAT 5 cable and phone cord as well. The phone wire is what they use at work to run the connections between punch down blocks in the phone closet, since it is never reused I get lots of this stuff.

Once at Info Centeral goto Gound Support and Solderless Ignitors.