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Jan 19, 2009
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I usually use a length of wire rope from the attachment point on the motor mount to the nylon shock cord. I use the following method to make a loop on the end of the rope so I can attach a quick link.

The loop will hold until the load becomes great enough to snap at least 3 strands at the base of the loop. I use 1/8" diameter and have never had a failure even in 100 lb. rockets and high speed deployments where the tubular nylon has snapped.

This picture shows the rope. It's 1/8" overall diameter and consists of 7 strands, each containing 19 wires (19-7 IWRC). This is the most flexable commonly available type.
Take 3 adjacent strands and unwrap them from the rope. They will stay together and hold the shape they had when in place on the rope. The remaining part of the rope also holds shape with the 3 strands missing.
Bring the 2 parts of the unwrapped section of the rope around so they cross at the top of the loop you are forming. They should cross just below (closer to) the main part of the wire rope. Align the 3 strands into the groove where they were when the rope was intact. These 3 strands will be facing the opposite direction from their original orientation.
Take one of the ends and wrap it around, passing the end through the loop as needed. It will fit into the space from which it came originally and look like intact cable. This picture shows the loop after one additional wrap since the previous picture.
This picture shows one side of the end completely wrapped, forming 1/2 of the loop.
Here's the loop completed after wrapping the other side.

If you cross over the ends too close to the main part of the cable, there will be tails at the base of the cable. You can cover them with electrical tape. If too close to the ends, there will be a gap where the loop does not have all 7 strands. I recommend you unwrap and try again.
Great job on the tutorial!
The only thing I do after the loop is precisely woven...
(over-kill of course!) is to put
on one of those cable clamp thingies right at the base
of the loop.
I don't know why I didn't think of Electric tape!!!
I have had shock cords that have snaped off of the cable
but have yet to have any problems with the "LOOP"!!!!
There aren't many beefy upgrades that really matter all that much in combination with a failed motor ejection.............
Dr Don