Making decals with Corel draw help?

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I have been following Tango Papa's decal 101 article to make my own decals. I scan the decal and then re-draw it. I am having a hard time getting the lettering to match up. I have tried trace but it still leaves some rough edges around the letters. Anyone have any tips for getting the fonts right or manipulating the letters to get them cleaned up?

I don't know what version of CorelDraw you're using, but I have version 9. According to the CD9 Official Guide, it seems that your best bet would be to do a manual trace, then tweak using the Bezier tool. Sorry I can't offer more help, but I'm just starting to learn how to do this myself, after having the program and book for about 4 years.

My impression is that no matter what you do, it's still going to involve some detail work that will take awhile. AutoTrace in CD9 is nowhere near as good as manually tracing, according to the book.
Qmaxx is right on:
I don't even try to trace the copy anymore with all the Font discs out there now you can match just about anything used. Unless the type face you created specifically for the model in which case you can resort to auto trace or start with a square or round and minipulate the nodes into the letter shape needed, that does take some time. Estes Goblin was a good example of a file that had to be completely recreated from scratch. took almost 8 hours but now I can up or down size as need. is a good site for fonts.

Try working in element pieces with Corel, for the letter "T" as an example, make a vertical rectangle for the upright and a horizontal rectangle for the lateral. An "N" would be three vertical rectangles, with the middle one rotated diagonally.