making a fresh tip on razor blades

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Feb 24, 2014
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ive been out workin on a few rockets today, mainly a sunward eruption. i noticed i was out of razor blades and the one in my knife had dull tip. for some reason i remembered a trick i learned some time ago for adding a fresh,sharp tip on a razor blade.
if theres a disc sander handy, a quick run against it, on the end of the blade, adds a sharp tip real quick. before i had a disc sander, and back when i was into rocketry back in the 90's i would do basically the same thing by hand agaist some sandpaper laying on my bench and it worked great.took a little longer, but just as effective.
if imwould have remebered this a few months ago,mi could have saved a lot of blades from the trash.



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Jan 31, 2013
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I do the same, it works beautifully for rough cuts without much effort at all. I also have an Arkansas stone that I keep on the bench to get a fine edge and continue making fine cuts with the same blade for quite a long time. I also touch up my #11 blades the same way and I use the same blade for everyday work until I manage to break the tip. With a little practice, you can get a pretty keen edge with just a few swipes on the stone.