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Don't know the author of the Make article, but I have built a multi-rack or two in my time. and several multi- rack launch controllers.

Is there a particular part or feather your interested in. Other then the gang launch feature which is a feature I'd build in only as an option not the main Launch circuit.
Not really, just wondering if it was "one of us". I am thinking of building something similar but probably scale it down to 4 instead of 10.
Went back to read the complete article in issue 20. it's actually a pretty nice setup other then having the rods so close. I think 6 or 8 would have been much more manageable on each rack. Kinda neat that each scout(cub) has their own launch button. Tho we generally prefer to have a single LCO controlling the panel, it does seem to have enough built in safety to allow these den size launches. Pretty cool project.

I'm really looking more at the hydrogen rocket and launcher in the same issue as something to do for Demos. Now that looks like something that could be fun:)
This gang-launch method looks unsafe but does it follow NAR guidelines? answering my own question: voting for the next American Idol - YES. Launching rockets - NO.
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