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Mar 14, 2003
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Isaw this on Apogee and since I am going to try to make my first nose cone I was wondering if anyone has bought this yet and if it is worth the buy? It's price is really low $9.95, but I'm wondering if I'll get anything out of it. Sounds good, exactly what I want to know how to do, make nose cones using everyday hobby tools.
I have to admit Tim is a marketing master! It's your 10 bucks. If you are only going to make an occasional nose cone. Probably a good buy, if you plan on making lots of cones over time... well it's your money... be sure to buy something else with it as the shipping charge for a single CD is just plain outrageous.
I bought one, simple system that works. After you see it you'll wonder why you didn't think of it. Pretty much aimed at a younger crowd, but IT WORKS! Buy it you'll like it. Just my 2cts...loojack
It sounds like it will really help out. It is isn't like I am going to produce nose cones, I just need to know how to make one when I need a custom nose cone.
If you are at all handy. (Like, you do not cut yourelf with your exacto every time you build a rocket), turning nosecones is not that hard. There have been a number of threads on this list that will give you about as much info as anything will.

Here are a few examples:

My suggestion: If after reading these threads, esp Sandman's, and you do not feel that you can produce a cone. Buy the book/cd.
Trying to be as objective as possible, the video is well produced, the information is nicely presented, but frankly there are severly obvious things missing for the session, and the 9.95 price plus a hefty 5.40 shipping charge for a single CD actual mailing charge is .90cents. make this video instruction item not a very good deal.
I've been making all my own nose cones and transitions for years, from sheet. block foams and even casting materials. while the information is good, it isn't at all complete or complling. After reading the other threads on this subject here you sould be able to fashion your owe cones & transitions easily.
I'll agree with Astronboy, if after reading the threads on this subject here you do not feel confident you can produce your own cones with the tools you already own, than invest the 15 bucks for this CD. I really feel the info on this CD could have been distrubuted free, like much of what we see on this forum daily. It seems a shame for anyone to feel the need to sell for profit such basic hobby technique.