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Jan 18, 2009
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Just got me a kit of Magnelite. Should last a while.

WHen I first stirred the pyrogen (no oxidizer) it was thick as heck, hope it doesn't settle like that when the oxidizer is in. I then added the oxidizer, here's where I came in ignorant. Instead of cutting the very tip of the paper cup (funnel) off, I cut maybe 1/2" off. WAY to much. Couldn't really stick it in the bottle, poured the oxidizer anyway. I still had the nail in the bottle for mixing, and that kinda clogged the opening up. I lost maybe 1/8 of a gram of the stuff maybe more. 1: Will this be OK? I test fired an estes igniter with my current mix on it, burned for longer than I expected. (was expecting a pop and a flash) 2: What is the oxidizer in this?

I have another igniter drying right now, will test that later.

EDIT: the last igniter didn't fire very much, maybe cause i didn't stir the pyrogen before dipping. Anyways, I'm amazed at how fast this stuff dries.
I think you would be fine. I buy my stuff directly from Rocketflite itself. Matter of fact... I should be getting a little package from them soon :). Need more igniters... ;).