Magnelite and sparkly igniters.

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Jan 18, 2009
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OK, so today I went to Home Depot and bought some cat5 cable. Didn't have any nichrome, so I also picked up some nail polish and graphite. Got home, spent a few minutes puffing the graphite into the nail polish, stripped and dipped a few igniters. I didn't have a spark plug gapper handy, so I got the leads as close as I could by eyeballing. Let the nail polish dry (NYC brand, got confetti or something in it) and dipped in magnelite. Once that had dried, i got out the zippo, lit it, and set it on the ground. I held the igniter by the undipped end (this sucker was like 2 feet long) and hit it with the zippo. Took a bit to go, but when it did, i admit, i was scared :eek: The magnelite burned up quick, but some of the nail polish MELTED, then lit. I had stripped maybe 1" of the end. That sucker burned for around 3 seconds. Wow. Should light those oxidized white lightnings good and true. Plus, the stuff that melted off would assist in lighting more of the gran simultaneously. There was also a fireball maybe 2" diameter, throwing off a few sparks.

These will get tested in a motor in a month or so. Maybe I'll sell em at the launch. I still need to test to see if it is actully conductive. IF they are, woohoo! if they aren't, i need nichrome.

Blue ( :D :D :D )