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Sep 5, 2009
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First, the sad reminder:

Thomas F. Rau, co-founder of NERFF, passed away unexpectedly late last year. (read the article above)

Years ago, he set up a charter membership with Google when they first started hosting and giving free email accounts to non-googlemail domains. The totally awesome domain he started was and many of us used this email address for years.

I have insured this domain is now active again and in full force. It will remain so.

Use the link above to go to our basic homepage and request your permanent account. Provide your full name and the username you would like.

You will be able to access your mail account online at:

Google now offers many more bells and whistles so every account will have plenty of space for email, their own member sites, calendars, groups. For instance, my personal rocketry page on my ISPs web space I am not migrating permanently to cooler URL:

It would be great to see Thomas' vision for this domain come to fruition. Come, check out the basics, get your free email account, add your own content and pages, submit links for the resources section.

Go team! Come and get it!

Jerry Beaucaire
Just a reminder, the account will be fully POP3 capable, just go into the SETTINGS of your new account and turn that on, then configure your local email program as per the provided instructions.

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