Made the mistake of upgrading to Rocksim 1.05... missing engine file

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Bill S

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Aug 6, 2019
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I made the apparently stupid error of "upgrading" to Rocksim 1.05 from 1.03 because I was still seeing "crossed line" errors despite there being no crossed lines and my rocket not launching. Dumb, dumb.

During the installation of the update, it said something about not being able to install the motor file. The program is "upgraded", and shows as being v1.05 now, but there are zero, repeat zero motors available to test launch the design.

I didn't bother contacting Tim at Apogee, due to his attitude during previous Rocksim discussions, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. How do I get the motor file, and how do I get it installed? He

I followed the procedure at his website - I cannot get the program to recognize the new files - it only shows the old ones on the right side of the reload engines screen. But they do not show up when I go to load engines to test launch. He apparently hasn't made recent motor files available - the default one for Rocksim 10 is 3 years old.

So now Rocksim is BROKEN and I cannot effectively use it to sim launches.

I really hate this program.
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Figured out how to fix this. You have to go to the data section (rocksim_1) and delete all the engine files, then re-import them. Also, when you go to select motors, make sure the "exact match" box next to the manufacturer name is checked.