Made my first decal yesterday!

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Jan 17, 2009
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The Alps printer made a awful lot of noise but I did my first one.

Granted, rather simple, all black.:blush:

Progress is progress!

goblin decals.JPG
:clap::wave: Great job and looking forward to placing a order when your up and running Sandman.
I assume you are still going to be doing the custom turnings?
I assume you are still going to be doing the custom turnings?

Well, Duh!

When your wife gives birth to your second child you still love your first.:)

I have two hands...I can do both.

I am making up a listing of the pre-printed decals that are on hand and will either post them to the web site or here.

I still have work to do on the web site.

I also have some Nike Hercules kits ready for sale.

I'm still trying to master Corel (the software just arrived yesterday).

I'm rather busy.

Excuse me but does anybody remember which way is up?:shock:
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Still has the NY State shape on the decal.
SM you need to make a Mi state to complete the assimilation.