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Madcow Super DX3 4.0" Payloader unbuilt kit

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Sep 13, 2013
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I have decided the high-power side of the hobby would be too expensive for me. I'm currently getting my private pilot license (63 flight hours and almost done). So I need the cash for flight expenses, and this bad boy has just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. Haven't started anything on it yet, basically it's like new except I did open the bag and look at all the parts. I'm also including some removable plastic rivets and a ball bearing swivel I planned on using with the kit. Here's some pics:


For those unfamiliar with the DX3 (although it's pretty popular) - It's a good level 1 cert high-power rocket. Easy to build, flies on H through level 2 motors, you can set it up for single or dual deploy with a little modification. Comes with almost everything needed but motor retention and motor, and of course building supplies. Apogeerockets.com sells it and has a big description on their website.

I paid $110 for it, and ~6 bucks for the other hardware. I'll ask $90 for it.

Shipping looks like it will be anywhere from $8 to $18 depending on how close you live to Chicago, which is where I am. I'll calculate shipping and give whomever buys it an updated total. Or, if you're near Chicago (west suburbs) you could pick it up.

I still plan on staying in the hobby, I love building mid-power kits but I never seem to get around to launching them. But this rocket is better off with someone who will actually use it.


EDIT: it has been brought to my attention that the kit can be bought from Madcow for 85, however that is without the parachute and chute protector. This kit includes the chute and protector, which Madcow offers as an option for +24, bringing the cost direct from Madcow to $109, not $85 for this exact model

Sold. Thanks Scott!
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