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Madcow/Rocketry Warehouse OSPREY 75

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Jan 23, 2009
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Purchased this at the Madcow Black Friday sale. I'll be honest...it was a reflex purchase I shouldn't have made. I am keeping the FWFG nose and bulkheads for another project, so I'll see if there are any takers on the rest of it.

I paid $89.25 for the full kit, a 25% discount from list. I am including a Madcow 3" plastic Ogive cone in lieu of the FWFG cone. Includes fluorescent orange body tube and 54mm motor mount, black fins and centering rings, black plastic cone, and vinyl decals.

I'm asking $70 plus actual shipping. PM with interest!



I really shouldn't buy anything during the Black Friday sales...but this should be a good deal for someone!
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