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Nov 22, 2012
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I ordered a Mouse 38 kit from Madcow a few weeks ago and when I received it the fin slots were not quite equally spaced and the body tube outside diameter was greater than the nose cone diameter. I contacted Madcow and they very quickly sent out a new tube. Just today I received it and the fin slots were perfectly spaced and the diameter matched up with my nose cone. Thank you Madcow! Will definitely be ordering more from them in the future.
My rocket kit purchases for the past several years have all been Madcow.

If I have any questions I can always call Mike up. He answers the phone.

Reminiscing a bit, Barry (Doc LOC) did, too.
I had a similar issue with an Aerotech Strong Arm kit a while back, and they took care of it immediately.
I had the same issues with a Madcow 4" Tembo. I just accepted it as a Monday morning product - you know when you just don't give a darn and QC can go straight to hell LOL. I enlarged the offending fin slot and the nose cone slop isn't really an issue. It happens pretty regularly on most of the plastic nose cones I deal with. My Tyrannosaur has the same amount of slop. It was from Binder Design but the nose cone is pretty much the exact same as the Tembo. Both must have come from the same Monday morning batch.

i like Madcow, have a few kits and will likely get more. Never had any issues that warranted a call or email to their customer service dept.
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