MadCow Mozzie 2.6 standard.

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Andy Greene

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Jan 11, 2013
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Thinking G80/7W - Anyone ?? and why not ??
Looks to be a perfect day to fly here Sat- tell me why I shouldn't. I could always fly the Argent / Hawk or Smoke- but I already did that...... :wink:
It's basically the same size as a Mega Mosquito, right? I fly the hell out of mine with a 29mm mount, but usually run 24mm F12's in it with an adapter.

All depends on how well you built it. If you've got some strong fin attachment it could work. My biggest concern is that it's a real wind drifter of a rocket. Even with the extra weight of an extension and rebuild, mine still sims out to 2200ft, 32g, and 500mph with a G80 when I plug it into openrocket. You'll be chasing it a while.

The thing you want to watch out for that top speed. Mozzie fins WILL flutter. Yes, I have seen multiple unplanned, rapid disassemblies of that rocket.