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Jan 18, 2009
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For sale, new, sealed in the bag, Madcow Mini Aerobee Hi, *AND* a set of Stickershock Decals. I have too many kits, and not enough time. This kit has a 1.6" preslotted tube, 29mm MMT, plywood CRs, laser-cut ply fins, molded NC, balsa conduits, Kevlar+Nylon shock cord, nylon chute, and chute protector. Recommended motors D12 through G79. This kit sells new for $46.95 + shipping, not including decals. Yours for $30 + shipping, including stickershock decals! Yeah, I'm losing money on this, but I want to move it, and who wants to buy stuff for list price on TRF?

Shipping is probably no more than $10 (CONUS), Paypal only. PM if you're interested, with your address, and I'll let you know what shipping is from WI.

See Madcow Rocketry for more details and instructions:

The decals have both black and white lettering, the white ones don't show up too well in my photo:

IMG_7598.jpg IMG_7599.jpg IMG_7600.jpg