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Jan 27, 2009
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Not a proper build thread, but I thought I'd post the construction photos of the Madcow Honest John that I got for Xmas. All I'm waiting for now is some decent weather so that I can sand and paint the model (that has to be done outside !) and the RCA document so that I can buy some motors for it !!





The kit went together quite easily. The only down side was that the balsa nose cone and boat tail were a bit on the rough side and will need a bit of filling as well as a lot of sanding to get smooth.
Wow, man! When the two parts are put together, that has got to be one massive piece of balsa sitting on top of that airframe tube! :D I didn't see any mention of it, but is that the smaller or the larger of Madcow's versions? And just how much weight did they have you put into the NC?

I so want want of those. When (or if) I eventually start having money again, the HoJo (either one) will be the first Madcow kit that I buy. Looking forward to seeing your paint job when you get it done.

EDIT: OK, now I see that the kit instructions in the photo show that it is the 1.9" version. Cool!

Mark \\.
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That's interesting, i was going to comment on the boat-tail and small fins not seeming right, then I saw the photo with the "later style" I didn't realize they had a later style, interesting.