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Sold Madcow Go Devil 38 - Built


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Feb 3, 2017
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Monkey Island
Leaving high power so Im letting go of my high altitude rockets. This is a Madcow Go-Devil 38 and comes with fly-away rail guide, complete av-bay with Missleworks RRC2 altimeter, nanotech battery, Missleworks av-bay sled and screw switch. All kevlar shock cords and 2 nomex chute protectors and 2 chutes. 38mm Slimline motor retention. It has been over 2 miles high. Pop your gps into the nosecone, add deployment charges, motor, and let her rip! I will pay shipping. PayPal is [email protected]. $175.00
20220815_103935.jpg 20220815_104032.jpg 20220815_104041.jpg 20220815_104103.jpg 20220815_104118.jpg
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