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Apr 25, 2017
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I rarely write reviews for anything I buy, so when I do it’s bc someone did something extreme, either to impress me or to tick me off. I’m very happy to say that Madcow, specifically Michael, falls into the first category. I own about 30 madcow kits ranging from 2.6” paper to 8” fiberglass. Their quality has far surpassed my expectations at every purchase. My favorite thing about their paper kits is that the grooves are almost non existent compared to others. My favorite thing about their fiberglass kits is that they’re simply indestructible. I mean truly indestructible to the point where I had a black brant (no metal tipped cone) come down full ballistic and nail concrete. The concrete actually fractured but the rocket only lost a small piece, about the size of a clipped fingernail off the tip of the cone. The impact was so hard that concussion dismounted the entire (well epoxied) motor mount out. It flew again the following week. The reason for my post isn’t really about the quality of their kits, which I think is well known, but rather their superior treatment of customers and how valued they make everyone feel, whether a big or small client (I’ve received the same level of care when I was only up to a few rockets purchased with them, so it’s not just that I spend a lot). Without going into details I’d just like to publicly give Mike and Madcow a big plus one! They recently went out of their way for me, not once, not twice, but three times. Their care and appreciation for their customers is something truly rare. Thanks to Mike all three of these projects are coming together great. So, thank you Mike and Madcow and if you’re ever considering buying from them you can most certainly buy with confidence on product quality, ridiculously cheap and fast shipping, and killer customer attention and service. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!
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+1 to Mike too..

I did have warped fins on my Seawolf. He did replace them, but I had to pay for shipping (international..)
Older models have "recommended CG point" on the instruction with no mention of a CP. That takes a bit to get used to / understand... (most / all of us are used to having the CP, and playing with the CG to our preference)
Some of the kits with longer motor tubes could benefit from a 3rd CR..
NCs are a bit of a pain to paint!

Do I hold that against him / MC? not in the slightest! Great products, exceptional variety, and super support!
I've bought from Madcow Mike,,,
You'll get nothing but the best,,
both in how you like what you buy,
and how you're treated / dealt with during the purchase...

Madcow Mike's a good man and a pleasure to deal with...

But how'd he come up with the name "Madcow",, lol...

I will add in my thanks and appreciate to Mike of Madcow for helping me get the parts to rebuild my Formula 200. He sent me a new booster, CRs, fins, and an MMT for a very reasonable price!
I got in on the second batch of Nike Apaches, and requested it be ready by Christmas (they were soliciting requests). Lo and behold, I got my shipping notification and it should be here on the 23rd! For Madcow to produce more kits than expected and get at least some of the second batch done so quickly, that's busting a lot of hump to make happen. Well done, Madcow!