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MADCOW 4" Patriot Assembled


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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
Started this project and lost interest. The rocket is completely built and I used epoxy internal fillets. If any of you know my builds my craftsmanship would be described has meticulous.

It has a Aeropack retainer and comes with recovery system. Nomex blanket and I'll throw in a 60" flare chute.

It's already been wet sanded. All you need to do is paint it and apply decals of your choice. I do have the "US ARMY" decal that came with the kit.

I'm asking $100 SOLD

I'll deliver to any local launches or you can come pick it up. (Anaheim, CA)

As far as shipping, this thing weighs a lot, not sure how practical that would be, but if you really want it shipped I would also insure it as well. There's 27oz of nose weight. Probably would make more sense to ship it separately.

See attached RockSim file View attachment patriot.rkt

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