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May 8, 2012
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I decided to sell my L2 bird. It's never been launched and all it needs is paint. It has an AP retainer (38mm) and comes with shock cord protector and Nomex blanket. The nose attaches with plastic snap rivets so you can access the payload area. I also drill a few holes if you happen to have a Jolly Logic altimeter. I decided that I want to do a 4" upscale Snarky for my L2 flight because most people that have built one never had it fly right so I want to try it. Maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew, but I'm up for the challenge. Just want to sell this to fund the project. I think it would be cool. Also I really don't want to paint this rocket right now. Ugh!

Anyway I'm asking $100 and I'll deliver it to any Lucerne launch that you may attend. I don't want to ship it and risk damaging it unless of course you are serious. Right now I don't even have a box big enough.

I used Titebond II through out the build except when installing the motor mount assembly. I used epoxy with milled fiber glass. I wanted to keep the weight down on the rocket to get some nice flights. On a J500 it exceeds 3000' and deploys at around 0.00 That's right. Not a misprint.

Here's the Rocksim File

View attachment patriot.rkt

UPDATE - I decided to build a 4" Snarky for my L2 :lol: I'm updating this post because all that needs to be done is paint the rocket. I have the proper amount of nose weight and it's even been wet sanded. I really been wanting to do a scratch build of a 4" Snarky and need the additional funds for the project. Now if you are going to Lucerne I can meet you there at ROC in November. I really want to avoid shipping this beast because the nose cone alone comes in at 33oz's
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Jan 16, 2011
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Why are you selling it? I see no reason why it wouldn't fly fine for L-2.