Mach 1 Fiberglass Trivecta 318 build thread

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Looks great! Can't wait to see how it flies. If it works, tell me what motors you used etc.
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I've flown it a few times on Estes C6's one a -5 (it is a slight bit early, but fine). The other 2 were -7. If the -5 pops the chute, then the -7s just blow thru empty tubes.

I'll look for photo, video, or altimeter data later. I don't think I have any, I wanted to watch the flights...but maybe.

Construction tips. 1) It's easy to get a little "twist" to the 3 middle tubes. Double (triple) check their straight and parallel before the glue sets. 2) It's also easy to have the big diameter tube at the fins "rotated" slightly, so the fin slots are not exactly above the valleys between tubes. Then you can't get the fins perpendicular, and into the valley bottom, at the same time.