MAC Performance 54mm FastBack Retainer System

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Jun 25, 2012
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Altamont, NY 12009
FastBack Retainer system

Our new 54mm retainer system will work with CTI, Loki, Aerotech and other motor hardware and adapters.
A 38mm version will be available soon.

Check it out at

IMG_20170330_185106_788-1.jpg IMG_20170330_190218_304.jpg
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Looks nice! And it does mate up well to that shiny boat tail!!!

Like it!!!:cool:
Looks like a Slimline with an extra spacer.

That spacer permits you to use it with snap ring cases that have external thrust rings. You bear on the external ring, not the end of the case.

Exactly how Dynacom used to do it. You'd receive a collar with the retaining ring and a couple of spacers to work with different brands of cases.