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m hybrid

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Jan 20, 2009
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my Hypertek got into a little disagreement with a mountain (the mountain won!)

Looking to buy a used Rattworks M or Hypertek M. Could also swap for composite supplies, I have graphite braid, fiberglass and graphite cloth, even make some press cured panels...
ok if no one has the M for sale how about a L hybrid, Hypertek or Rattworks
Just saw this...

I do have a HyperTEK M; flown 4 times, I think.

Whatcha offering? I could use cash more than "stuff" -- I have a radio I want to invest in....


What size M Hypertek, how much you looking for it (paypal / cash works too)?
juicebruiser or fishnutt... so confusing.

Thanks for the offer but I have one coming. Bring yours out to LDRS and launch it, i'm working on a 12' scratch built graphite rocket for LDRS.

This one should be 'mountain proof'