M and N Skidmarks join CTI's Pro-X California approvals

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Jan 17, 2009
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News Release by Cesaroni Technology Incorporated
Friday, October 23, 2009

GORMLEY, Ontario CAN — Cesaroni Technology Incorporated of Canada is pleased to announce the latest series of California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) approvals for CTI Pro-X reloadable motors.

The recent approvals are for the following motors:

Pro75 Skidmark 5G L1410 Reloadable EX2008090234
Pro75 Skidmark 6G M1770 Reloadable EX2008090234
Pro75 Red Lightning 6G M2150 Reloadable EX2007110329
Pro75 Blue Streak 6G M2045 Reloadable EX2008080153
ABC75 Skidmark 7600 M2050 Reloadable EX2008090234
Pro98 Blue Streak 4G M1800 Reloadable EX2008080153
Pro98 Skidmark 4G M1790 Reloadable EX2008090234
Pro98 Blue Streak 3G M1520 Reloadable EX2008080153
Pro98 Blue Streak 6G N2850 Reloadable EX2008080153
Pro98 Skidmark 6G N2600 Reloadable EX2008090234
Pro98 Classic 6GXL N2900 Reloadable EX2007060069
Pro98 Skidmark 6GXL N3400 Reloadable EX2008090234

This results in 11 newly approved CTI motors for use in the state. More approvals are in process for the company in the state and are expected to be approved soon.
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Someone brought this up on ROC Chat.
Does this mean that you can now fly "N" motors in Calif?

You used to be limited to an "M"