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Jan 21, 2009
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today LUNAR (Livermore, CA) hosted a launch which was lightly attended probably due to Father's Day, but also due to MudRock, 3 days of HPR at Black Rock.

we had a really nice time with a few regular faces and a couple new faces. wow, how nice it is flying with NO LINES!!!

here's a few pix from today.
Paul's Eliminator going up. He says the trick with these is to put a 12" chute on them so they come down fast. at launch last month a young man lost his new Eliminator - drifted far away on the breeze - wish we'd thought of it then.
what better way to celebrate FATHER'S DAY than with a BIG DADDY. at least 4 different Big Daddys flew today.
Yesterday my daughter & I cut out some fins & glued up a design she has been talking about for a few months. This picture shows Diana & her "Neptune Bluestone".
Here goes Aidan's Tiny Pterodactyl on an F40-4 - perfect flight and came right back to near the pad, and in to some branches *just* out of his reach. Dad to the rescue!!
Here's my Tres on 3x Quest B6-4s. this is probably the Tres best picture I have, clearly showing all 3 motors. it didn't go too high on the B6s which is good because there was a little breeze at this time.
here's Neptune Bluestone on a D12-3. Diana flew it 2 times on C11-3s and once on D12-3, perfect flights every time. The 2nd time it landed upright, stuck the landing, but the parachute blew it over. gotta love those plywood fins!
Hey, husband-unit, thanks for posting the pictures for everyone to enjoy! I sure hope they all enjoy the pictures of YOUR rockets that I worked so hard to take! Kind of like OUR kids, you know, you got some enjoyment out of starting the process but I had to carry them around for 9 months....

Anyway today was very different than last LUNAR which had the hugest launch lines I had ever seen. Our son Aidan is obsessed with getting the "golden ticket" which allows one to cut to the head of line, and one way to get one is to VOLUNTEER as LCO or RSO especially for the last shift. I had the pleasure of working LCO during the last LUNAR night launch which was lots of fun, especially finding my way around the launch board in the dark. It was a lot easier this time (only 2 racks! in broad daylight! with no lines! heck, no launches for minutes at a time!)

Looks like my challenge is learning to get the rocket shot after it leaves the pad but before it leaves the viewfinder. The "snap when you see a puff of smoke" advice doesn't work with my camera, it's fast enough to get the first shot but unless it's a big rocket, that thing's gone before the second shot. I can't tell you how many pairs of shots I have with a bit of flame half an inch over the pad, followed by a shot of nothing but smoke.

Photo Babe and newbie LCO
hey wife-unit, father's day is not over yet, none of that for another hour and a half eh?!
great Tres pix there :) Looks like you had a very good time. Our Saturday launch with CMASS was a light attendance too, but we still knocked off 191 flights that day!
i know the richardson field has a 1500' ceiling/F-power limitation.
is it possible to fly an HPR rocket that doesn't break that altitude and make a cert flight there, or is the F-motor limitation set in stone?

good question - used to fly up to I motors at Robertson Park, but the LUNAR board decided to cut it to Fs before something big went through somebody's roof. a lot of houses have been built nearby recently :(

still, it's nice landing on green grass - hard to find in CA in the summer time!
by the way, wife-unit's camera is a recent model Canon Digital Rebel.

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