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Mike Howie

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Jan 18, 2009
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After reading JAL3 trials and tribulations with his Lucky 7, I boke mine out, to see if I could remember any problems. The only problem I could remember was
how heavy the thing was. It needs more power than a 13mm motor. Thus is
born this up scale.
18mm motor
BT 80 main body.
3/16 balsa fins.
Folder card stock transition BT80-BT20
1 each CR8070, CR7060, CR6055, CR5550, CR5020 used to stiffen the transition.
Folder transistion BT20 down to 1/8 in for the nose cone.

Looks great!! Why didn't I think of that?! What's the nose cone catalog number? Keep us posted on the finishing and flight(s)!
I concur. I'd like to see more about this one!
What's the nose cone catalog number?

The nose cone is just a rolled file folder. I used VCP to plot a transition from
BT80 (2.6 in) to 1/8 in., 7 in long. I took the angle VCP displayed, and split the
transition into two parts. The larger was used on the body, BT80 down to BT20. Then I made a second transition KEEPING the same angle for the BT20
down to the 1/8 in dowel for the nose. To keep the CG the same as on the
Estes Lucky 7, I had to fill the nose with epoxy. :eek: That's probably more
than is needed, but I was lazy.

Another error I made, and just didn't feel like fixing, (just throwing this model
together), was that I made the 4 detail engines too large. Looks good enough
for me. I did throw another nozzle, BT20/BT55 folder transition, on the 18mm
motor mount.

Very nice Mike!

Yeah, my little Lucky 7 has MAYBE broken the 50' mark once!..LOL..AND no matter how much wadding(dog barf or Estes sheets) you put in(at least for me) the parachute gets singed!
That's a really cool project Mike, very interested to hear how it flies.