LSFR Shock cords

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Aug 3, 2011
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Reed City, Michigan (Lower)
Sitting here this morning in a little more discomfort than usual, I ran across some rubber shock cords on Ebay.
Now I'm thinking, most of us throw these things out and use kevlar and sewing elastic. Why is someone selling these?
Hammer feel, light came on, and had an idea.
I have some sheet rubber I managed to collect during my years as a Foreman.
I'm pretty sure I have 45 mill (.045") thick pieces of LSFR (Low Slow Fire Rated) EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
Basically rubber inner tube material manufactured in sheets of up to 40' x 100'.
I'm thinking I'm going to try a strip of this stuff on a frequent flyer to see how it holds up.
I won't burn, I've put a weed burner to it many times melting ice for doing repairs in the Winter time.
It doesn't char easy either. Stretch is minimal, but workable in longer lengths.
Carlisle products have a little more stretch attributes to it (bad for adhered systems and wrinkling),
Firestone is a tougher product, but tears easy in the cross direction due to manufacturing processes.
Pretty sure I don't have any Carlisle 45 mill, I know for sure I have White on one side 60 mil on hand.
Might be able to separate the white from the black layer.
Would have to cut the strips and boil it in water to try and loosen the vulcanizing they do in manufacturing.
How would the stuff work for gasket material on an A/V bay? And would you be willing to sell some?

Mikey D