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May 10, 2011
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I just got back from launching some flying saucers. It was so cold I could only stand to fly it twice, but I took videos with our new camera.... Then took the videos and made still photos out of em... The result: WICKED DURN COOL PICS!:D ;)

And you all know what we do when we get really durn cool pics... WE POST EM! So here they are. Heres some really cool ones I got of an ejection charge going off in the saucer.

A note: It looks like my dad is getting his head scorched off, but the rocket is really 20' away at least. No humans were hurt in the filming of this launch;) :p
And heres some liftoff pics I got... Actually stills from a video, im not THAT good with this camrea!:D ;) :p
Yes, thats my dad with the launch controller. I am in the truck with the camera. This is only because my dad doesent know how to use the video function on the camera. Otherwise I would be outside. really.:D ;) :p

What kind of Saucers? Motors? Details please :D

A3-4Ts. Little paper and duct tape saucers I put together from cardstock. Cost $0.

they are very easy to make. Just take a compass, and draw a 4" circle. then make two marks 20 degrees apart from eachother on the rim of the circle. Then draw lines from these marks to the center. then cut out the piece in between, and a circle about .75" around. Then duct tape the two sides together. Then do the same thing with a 3.5" circle. Then tape em together, and put a piece of tubing or rolled up paper into the center. Cut some holes for launch lugs, and fly! Easy as pi. (pun intended)

This sounds a lot like my Delta flying saucer without the center (foamboard) part. In the picture below from left to right 6" - 18mm, 4" - 13mm & 2.25" - Micro Maxx Delta Flying Saucers.


The 20 degree slice you use makes the resulting saucers thinner than mine. The disk should be about an inch thick for the dimensions you described. Where do you mount the motor, mostly below the disk, mostly above the disk or centered?
Pretty much like yours. Its an inch thick, more or less. Flys pretty well, too!. Looks a little thinner than yours, though. Go figure. :rolleyes:

Those look a whole lot neater than the ones I make!!! Mine are duct-taped together, but what do I care? I just want something cheap I can fly... Thouhg yours are not that expensive... But you cant beat $0.:rolleyes::D
THey are too big to post. Give me your email adress and ill send you a .avi if you want.:D
O btw. I tried to make it like your Delta flying saucers. Those are very cool. I have tried to order several times, but my mom wont use paypal.... Is there another way to order besides mail-in? I want to get a Delta 29MM flying saucer....:cool: :D Do they fly well on G64s? ;):cool: Do you take call-in credit card payments? thats the way my mom likes to do it...:rolleyes:
I'm very sorry for the difficulty you had with ordering. I only do Paypal and Mail in right now. My business is very small. The processing fees for call-in credit card orders is too expensive. I have had really good luck with Paypal and they only charge me a fee when I make a sale. They have never ripped me, or any of my customers, off and it's really quick. I usually get an order paid for with Paypal out the same day. For mail-ins I accept money orders or personal checks and you will get the kit(s) within a week of sending the order, sooner if you email your order ahead. That way I can have it ready to ship out as soon as the money order arrives. :)

I have two types of 29mm flying saucers. The 10.25 inch original design and 7.5" Delta. They both fly well on G64's and G80's, but they fly the best on Ellis Mountain G35s. A long burning motor is best for a flying saucer. :)
i like that idea four saucers... i think i'll try it ;) $0 and i are good friends :D
i guess it'll get added to my list of 'rockets to make', along with a CD spool and some paper rockets (like "Caution, rocket launch in progress"!) maybe i'll put one together on the plane to California... maybe i'll even just have to make a fleet of them :)
How big are the videos, and can you convert them to .mpg? (.avi doesn’t always work on my comp). i've started putting together videos, since i was sick the other day and didn't feel like doing anything i taught myself how to use iMovie.. its sweet.
Heres a pic page of Arts Micro Qubits UFO's, which he also has in 13 and 18mm all cardstock except my fuzzy dice which are flocked, the others are magic markered.
My dad's company gets about 100 emails a day from paypal, so he refuses to use it anymore. And my mom had some weird thing with them... I forget...

I guess a week is pretty good.... Ill have to do that sometime. I have a 25% off coupon that came with my dad's NAR card......:cool: :D I think its only good for one rocket, though.:(

I think ill get the Delta type.... I just like the way those look better than the other kind.:rolleyes: