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Jan 17, 2009
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Hi All,
I was just wanting some feedback from the forum here if anyone would be interested in seeing a "range case" manufactured. You know how Estes has their cardboard range box that the starter sets sometimes come in? I was thinking of a nicer, larger one made out of a padded nylon that had compartments for say the launch pad (Estes or Quest), launch controller, motors & launch supplies and maybe an open area that could hold a couple of 24" models. Give me any suggestions you might have.

You could adapt some of the large rifle cases for this. You would have to alter the foam inserts though.
Originally posted by LtSharpe
You could adapt some of the large rifle cases for this. You would have to alter the foam inserts though.

Ive seen this done before it works good
Most of the guys in my club use tool boxes to carry everything except their rockets. I myself use a $5.00 tackle box that I bought at Wal-Mart when I was just getting started. It holds my Estes launch pad and controller, motors, glue, igniters, igniter plugs, etc.

Of course, it's crammed full and I need something bigger now.

And I don't have anything at all to carry my rockets or launch rod in. I've seen people use 1" or so PVC pipe with caps on the ends to carry launch rods, and plain cardboard boxes to carry rockets. Since rockets are pretty fragile, I see some sort of carrying case in my future. Something suitable for 24" models would hold most of what's in my fleet.

Any idea on pricing or anything yet? Or is this just in the conceptual stage?
I wonder how large the market is for something like that.

Does anyone have figures on the volume of model rocket kits, parts, etc., that are sold in a given year? If nothing else, there sure do seem to be a lot of vendors out there.
I use a toolbox for my launch controller, engines, chutes, etc.

I use the plastic storage bins from walmart for my LPR rockets.

They are 21" X 15" X 5.5" deep and come with a cover for less than $3.00. They also have some that 21" X 15" X 11" deep.

The sizes go up from there.
maybe one with a certain foam thats soft, but goes back to its original position (like those awesome beds) so that it could hold differnet rockets

i personally use my dollar store boxes
Totes for the rockets and a Multi Drawer tackle box for a range box. The totes made for underbed storage are good for modrocs.

As for whether there is a market, I don't think you could sell it cheaply enough and still make a worthwile profit. It would have to be lightweight to keep the shipping costs down.

Foam can also break the fins if too hard. also, remember that there should be airspace between the rockets and the sides and lids. If not, anything heavy on top can deflect the lid and bear down on the rocket. I found that rolling them up in big-bubblewrap works very well and keeps 'em from bangin into each other. It's not sexy, but it works.
I had an idea for a rocket carrier when I was at NARAM last year.

The rain was off an on during Sundays sport launch and I was packing and unpacking all day and thought...there has to be a better way!:mad:

I want to get one of those fiberglass"roof top" carriers, a set of wheels and a folding handle.:rolleyes:

Bring it to the launch mounted on your roof. Then you can wheel it out to the launch site and just close it up if the weather goes sour on you.

Keep the engines and all the other stuff in a tool box.

Sounds like a winter project to me.
Thanks for all of the replies! One of the companies I work for just purchased a company called Wingtote (www.wingtote.com) . They make bags for carrying RC airplane wings, RC cars and trucks, radios etc. Since I enjoy rocketry so, I was considering making a nice looking carrier. I see plenty of Wal-Mart storage boxes at the field and thought something more professional and sporty looking might be nice for the hobby. I will keep you folks posted on the progress if any. Thanks again!
OK Stymye,
I'll bite. What does this have to do with my post? What am I missing?
Why you gotta go makin' me all confused and stuff John?:confused: Oh, and in reply to your earlier question in regards to price, I was thinking in the $20 range. I was also considering getting with one of the manufacturers and maybe selling it complete with all of the equipment. We'll see.
whoops, yes I meant to quote the question

sorry for the confusion