LPR and MPR Nylon Parachutes

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Apr 2, 2010
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All of these are new in the bag from Top Flight Recovery, nylon fabric in the standard orange or green color. All are new and in original unopened bag, unless otherwise marked.

LPR Chutes - All in orange color
9" Standard Chute, have 1, $3
12" Standard Chute, have 3, $4 each
15" Standard Chute, have 3, $4 each
18" Standard Chute, have 2, $6 each (one is not in original bag)
24" Standard Chute, have 1, $SOLD

MPR Chutes in green
30" Standard Chute, have 1, $10

Will sell for asking price plus $1 each per chute for S&H. Or, take ALL of the remaining chutes listed above for $35 shipped, which is about 40% off retail.

PM or Email me with questions.

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