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Sold Lowered Price - Fruity Chute Iris Ultra Compact 96", Deployment Bag and OBH Harness


Chris Bender, Lab Rat
TRF Sponsor
Feb 22, 2013
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Garland, TX

As I continue to sort through the mass of stuff in my garage/shop I found the recovery train for a rocket I'm not going to fly again...a big rocket. This main recovery train (except pilot chute) will land a 28lb rocket at 15 fps, or a 50 lb rocket at 20 fps. It all fits in 12" of 4" diameter body tube (I actually used a 4" coupler, so even smaller diameter). This is a top of the line setup.

I would like to sell the following as a package. All have been stored in a climate controlled space in a non-smoking household.

- 96" Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra Compact with 1 flight, no observed damage. (Price New: $434)
- 4" x 12" Fruity Chutes Nomex Deployment bag with 1 flight, some bp residue, but would probably wash clean, no observed damage. (Price new: $49)
- One Bad Hawk custom 3/4” Tubular Nylon Sleeved harness, 3rd loop 7' from one end. This one had a loop get loose during flight, but Teddy has repaired like new. (Price New: $54, I think)

Total new: $537
Asking Price: $330 shipped-US (USPS flat rate envelope)

Payment via PayPal to my person account (not Lab Rat). At this price "Send money to a friend" method required, or add PP fees.

Please PM interest.

FC1.jpg FC2.jpg FC3.jpg
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Wielder Of the Skillet Of Harsh Discipline, Potent
Jan 19, 2009
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Maaaaaaan I wish I had a project that needed this.

Buy the 'chute and the project will come!

Seriously, it's a great deal on a fantastic parachute!