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Mar 21, 2009
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I took the grandkids out today to launch a few rockets today. Well, that was the plan. Dad called me up today and wanted to go out...out anywhere, bored. So I told him I could take him out with the grandkids a lauch some rockets. Now, dad, bless his soul, has dementia and can barely walk more than 10 yards with help. Plus his sight is poor. So I got some cold water, he forgets to drink, and a folding chair that I set up under a tree, not that it helps much. It was 97 today.

So I go to launch my 1st rocket, a Quest Triton-X that I helped the grandkids build. A C6-5 was a little much for this model and I lost sight of it twice, fortunately the grandkids spotted it and we recovered it about 200 yards away.

The second model was a Quest X-30 also on a C6-5 (this is a heavy model) and nearly gave me a heart attack as it was coming down with out the parachute opening, out just not opening, heading right for the car! We are about 3 miles from anything! 50 feet before hitting the car the chute opens an lands on the roof of the car, no damage! Thank god!

The third model was an Estes Interceptor I just finished 2 day ago. This is also pretty heavy so I decided on a C6-5. The wind was kicking up so I tilted the pad about 10 degrees into the wind. Well..that did turn as planned. It went up about 200 feet and went horizontal. At least it was at 200 ft. Snap swival broke. Nose cone and chute went one way the body the other. Amazingly, no damage to the body (no chute). The nose cone ended up in a tree 1/2 mile away. Lucky got it all back. However, now my dad is wondering away spent a 1/2 hour rounding him up.

The fourth model was a Quest Aries on a B6-4. Learned my lesson? Went to a 5 degree tilt and flew great. Unfortunately, the upper payload separated and it took about 45 mins to find both piece.

Ok enough is enough. The stars are not aligning time to go home before someone get hurt.