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Sold Lots of goodies for sale


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Mar 19, 2009
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Hello fellow rocketeers,

I have not been very active on this forum recently… For the past two years I have been consumed by some (very positive) life changing events, such as retirement and moving from Illinois to beautiful Colorado. Anyways, I am coming back to rocketry a little more seriously, but after our move I realized just how much stuff I have!

So, I have to thin the herd a little :)

Without further ado, please consider the goodies listed below. More will follow, so keep an eye on this thread.

1. Cesaroni 98mm 6GXL hardware set P98-6G-XL-HS, complete with forward closure, nozzle holder, two retaining rings. Used only three times. SOLD

2. Cesaroni 98mm 6GXL spacer P98-SP-XL. Used once. SOLD

3. Pro 98 wrench P98-W SOLD

4. Cesaroni Pro 98 Boat Tail. Never used. SOLD

5. Aeropack 98mm retainer assembly flange mount RA98. New, never used. SOLD

6. Custom 98mm all carbon fiber tube and coupler, with matching 6:1 FG nose cone These were made by Charles Ogino at Carolina composites for a minimum diameter project (more specifically for the mighty N-5800) The tube is thicker that the standard stuff, with 8 layers instead of 5 layers. 48" long. The nosecone matches the tube diameter. Beautiful work by Chuck. I believe It cost me $550 several years ago, yours for $350

7. Aeropack minimum diameter motor retainer, 75mm, with 1/4 SS Machine Eye-Bolt M75E. New. SOLD

8. Madcow Rocketry 5.5” diameter Black Brant II kit. 5:1 Filament Wound Conical Nose Cone with Aluminum Tip, Filament Wound Tail Cone, Pre-Slotted Fiberglass Airframe, 3/16" G10 Beveled fins, aluminum bulkheads, G10 Centering Rings, Length: 106", Diameter 5.5",Motor Mount: 75mm. Comes with all the hardware, and vinyl decals. SOLD

9. Monster Motors (Aerotech compatible) 38/1080 hardware set. Complete with forward closure, Aft closure, and seal disk. Casing has never been used, closures have been used once (on a different casing). SOLD

Buyer pays for shipping, unless otherwise noted or negotiated.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Jan 21, 2017
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PM sent for the carbon tube.

Update - interest withdrawn. I think I'll let others have a shot at the carbon tube. Good luck!
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