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Lot-The last of my rockets and accessories


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Jun 22, 2010
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I know I'm severly limiting my audience, but; This ad is for pick-up/local delivery in Western Washington. Packaging and shipping this lot would be a nightmare. I am willing to pack it up and deliver it personally to someone near the I-5 corridor here in WA. I am in Olympia.

Because of life constraints I had to liquidate my entire 200+ rocket collection. I have the last bit of it that I just pulled out of storage for sale here in one big batch. For the built but not finished models, most of the boxes, instructions, and decals were lost in a storage theft/vandalism. The rockets are in various stages from kit to veteran flyer and in need of someone to love them! Here's the list:

NCR Big Brute
Estes Alpha 3
Estes Bullpup 12-D (mod 24mm really goes!)
Estes [2157] Saturn V (most parts are there but really needs some work has flown once light damage to plastic fins)
Estes Y-Wing (plastic)
Estes Broadsword (will take standard 24mm -low and slow- but set-up for AT 24/40 reloads. This has been my go-to rocket for the ohh's and ahh's from the kids at the field)
Estes Prowler "growler" (modded same as Broadsword)
Estes Big Bertha
Estes Mosquito (never lost.. I mean launched)
Estes Alpha (beta edition)
Estes Fat Boy (mod 24mm)
Scratch 24mm upscale of the Estes Ramjet (this thing screams-literally)
Estes aim 9 Sidewinder (veteran rocket some fin damage - still flies but needs some real love)
2x Estes Silver Comet 24mm (one built, one kit)
Estes 1978 Battlestar Galactica Laser Torpedo [1311] (same model -downscaled- as the Photon Distuptor)
Quest Tomohawk Cruise Missle
Quest totally Tubular (I think that was what it was called)
Estes (do not remember name it's the grey rocket to the right of the Tubular)
Estes Phoenix Mod (kind of failed on the mod came out heavy but it would probably fly well with an RMS after repairs)

I also have a lot of motors and accessories for the rockets:

2x A3-4t 13mm
3x D12-3 24mm
6x C6-7 18mm
5x A8-3 18mm
1x C6-5 18mm
4x B6-4 18mm
6x B4-2 18mm

Aerotech G40-4W 29mm
Aerotech F25 -4W 29mm

Aerotech RMS Casing 24/40 (used 6 times)
Aerotech RMS 24/40 reload E18-4W

Misc Accessories:
Micro Maxx launch system (black UFO model that came with the system no motors)
Complete, never used Estes StarWars launch pad
Misc nosecones, parachutes(nylon, plastic, cloth), misc tubes, engine tubes, launch lugs, engine ignitors and plugs.

If you have any questions, you can post here, PM me or email at [email protected]

I would like to get $150 for the entire lot but may be negotiable.



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