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Lot of Larger Snap Ring Nozzles/Bulkheads/Extras

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Dec 18, 2014
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Definitely a niche market for this one, but this is going to be a steal for somebody.

This is a collection of 54, 76, and 98 snap ring-style nozzles, bulkheads, and extras from the 2006-2012 time period when I was flying this stuff pretty much exclusively. I've since moved to pins and composite cases, so this stuff is sitting around collecting dust. It's sat in a trailer for the last 5 years, and I didn't take any time cleaning this stuff off - but a little elbow grease and it'll be looking good. All nozzles are crack-free and everything is fully functional as-is.

It's already boxed up - so I'm selling it as a lot and won't part it out - but the savings are enough that it shouldn't matter.

The right buyer for this is cut from the Dan Patell/Eric Cayemberg cloth - guys flying larger snap ring motors with some frequency who emphasize repeatability and convenience over mass fraction. Hey, Dan and Eric.


(1) Jerry McKinlay full-diameter nozzle (-338 o-ring) with 1.25" throat (~$150 market value via Loki)
(1) Mike Fisher full-diameter nozzle (-338 o-ring) with 1.15" throat (~$150 market value via Loki)
(2) 98mm thrust washers (~$40 combined market value via Loki)
(1) 98mm snap ring (negligible)


(1) Ed Romani full-diameter nozzle (-230 o-ring) with 1.125" throat (back when I had a love affair with RIO) (~$70 market value via Loki)
(1) Jeff Taylor full-diameter nozzle (-230 o-ring) with .75" throat (~$70 market value via Loki)
(1) Alan Whitmore full-diameter nozzle (-230 o-ring) with 1.13" throat. Used this one on my first 76mm N motor back in 2010, good memoriers. (~$70 market value via Loki)
(2) AMW hockey puck forward closures (Loki doesn't make a comp for this design, let's call it $50 market value/each or $100 combined)
(1) Loki smoke well forward closure ($75 market value)
(1) AMW smoke well forward closure ($75 market value)
(5) snap rings ($20 combined market value)
(1) thrust washer ($18 market value via Loki)
(1) 3/8-16 forged eyebolt ($6 market value via Loki)
(1) spiral external thrust ring (negligible)


(1) Ed Romani .5625" throat full-diameter nozzle (~$45 market value via Loki)
(1) Neil Thompson forward closure (same as AMW/Loki forward closures, but not anodized - $30 market value)
(1) Loki forward closure ($50 market value)
(1) 54mm snap ring (negligible)

All of this stuff has been used and well-maintained, some storage oxidation and dust notwithstanding.

Aforementioned market comps add up to $969 - first $550 plus shipping takes it all.

Great for somebody looking to get into flying lots of larger research motors, which is exactly where I was when all this stuff was accrued.

Might want to hit forum user pnobile- he tends to pick up this kind of stuff.
Price drop to $500 plus shipping. My laziness in not parting all this stuff out is going to be somebody's huge gain.
Okay, the market has spoken, and this has been parted out by diameter. 54 and 76 are all sold. 98 still available. Market value is $340, yours for $250.