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Jan 17, 2009
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Not a rocket, but I'm building it.

The Jupiter 2 from Polar Lights. I bought the kit in 1999, and decided now was the time. It's a nice kit. Has a full upper and lower interior decks. The only problem is the decks are different scales. The hull and upper deck is 1/60th, the lower deck is 1/72 (i believe).

The kit does not have any landing gear wells (to make room for the lower deck). I don't intend to build the lower deck, so I cut out the space for the gear wells and boxing them in. I have a rotating LED fusion core to install.

I have a long way to go, it will take me a while to finish this.



Yup, she's done!

I didn't think their was any interest.

I very happy with the results, I cant get a good photo of the fusion core lights spinning. Sorry.





Finished her last Christmas. If anyone cares I just finished My Star Trek TOS phaser 2 and communicator, and one of my holy grail plastic kits. The Leif Ericsson.
Very cool.

If memory serves, the craft had a different name (that is, not "Jupiter Two") in the original pilot episode.

Re. the "two different scales", the real thing must have been in at least two different scales, for them to have fit all those people, their living quarters, a robot, a flying shuttle thingie, space suits and a crawler the size of a mobile home in that little ship. Not to mention food, oxygen, and so on.
In the pilot the ship was the Gemini 12, it had no lower deck. Dr. Smith and the robot were also not in the pilot.

You can't fit everything inside the J-2. The lower deck would have to be 1/2 scale to fit in. In one third season episode they even had a 3rd deck/engine room! (but in that season the also had Dr. Smith turn into a giant carrot, They were kind of phoning it in by then).
Ak, ak... Ack ACK-ACK!!!

(the Martian Ambassador approves!)

Remember, "Don't Run- We are your friends!" :D

Later! OL JR :)

Thanks guys!


I used krylon silver. I was lucky to see the original 4ft filming model when it was at the science fiction museum in Seattle. The color is very close to the krylon.

I did make a small flying J-2 a few years ago. Flew it a few times on an A10-3T. The details can be found here:


I would love to do a larger flying J-2. I think a vac form of the polar lights kit would work nice, but I don't have the equipment to do it.

I was in Seattle a few years back and did not have enough time to get to the sci-fi museum. Next trip.
I read your other post on the six inch J2 flight. Cool
Still have it?
I also read that someone thought the space pod would make a good rocket. I had that idea sometime ago when the model kit came out. I might tackel that idea in the future. I'm planning to be at the CMASS launch this July. I'll be looking for you.
I have been watching the DVD's of the first season LIS lately, my wife thinks it's the corniest show she has ever seen. It also hleps put her to sleep. Go figure?

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I still have it, Maybe I can bring it to the July launch if I can ever get weekends off again. Work is getting in the way, but I guess I should not complain.

The Science fiction museum did not have the J-2 model on display the last few times I was there. Too bad as it had a lot of presence.

The 1st season of LIS is the best! Dr.Smith is still evil!

I have the Space Pod kit, I think it would take a bunch of mods to make it stable. It would look cool!
I got to meet all the cast in 1996 in Boston at the 30th anniversiary.
Except, of course, John Williams. Were you there?
Do you have any of the LIS Blusprints(18X24)
I have Volume 1.
I need Volume 2 and 3.

Anyway, I would like to try to build a flying rocket of the J2 and when the ejection charge blows out the chute, the landing gear would come down.
I have been dreaming about that one for a long time.
Nice work with the completed J2! Brings back some fond memories from a long time ago.