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Looking for thin 4" bodytube and 3 & 4" Fat Boy Style nosecones

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Jan 25, 2009
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I am trying to rebuild an old THOY Falcon. It does not use LOC style/weight paper tubes.
I have the correct ACE Nose Cone. The Body tubes are Glassine coated 3.90 ID X 4.00 O.D. I think the length was 36". And I need at least 3.
I am also looking for Fat Boy style nose cones in 3 and 4 inch.
I have looed on line with no success. Of course I could have been looking in the wrong places.:blush:
Contact me on here or Email [email protected]
I'm a little confused by your description: the id/od numbers you give indicate a .10" thickness. That would be a thick walled cardboard tube. The standard thin wall 4" tube is .021" thick and is the bt-101 tube, available at various vendors.
If you want the thick walled 4" tube, one source is Madcow. Longest length is 31". You can buy it with 3 or 4 slots (out of stock), or unslotted, and cut your own slots. The THOY Falcon uses 3 slotted fins. However, you say that you are not looking for a LOC style tube. I believe the Madcow tubes are virtually identical to LOC.
If you are looking for the thin wall 4" (bt-101) tube, erockets is one source. Look under parts from Semroc or parts from Totally Tubular.
Looking at the plans for the THOY Falcon, it appears that it uses thick walled tubes, so you may want to reconsider LOC as a source.
As far as the nose cones, that would be more difficult. Most 3 & 4" cones I've seen are plastic or fiberglass, and ogive or conical in shape, not semi-elliptical as in the Fat Boy. Only alternative I know is a custom turned wood cone. Roachwerks is a source, I've ordered custom nose cones from Gordy in the past. Good luck on your build.
P.S. Forgot to mention there are online sites now that do 3D custom printing. One of them may be able to custom print those cones at a reasonable price.
Ken at Performance Hobbies sells a really nice 4in elliptical that fits perfectly with 98mm LOC tubing. Very similar to the old Scotglas or Eagleworks.
Kuririn. I will have to do some measuring later tonight on some LOC tubing I have and compare both of those to the tubing on the falcon. I wrongly assumed that because this tubing is glassine coated it was different than the white paper LOC tubing.
Madcow and Binder Design tubing is covered in glassine and pretty thick. No experience with LOC that big myself.
And yes, Performance Hobbies should have a nose cone for ya.
Last I checked, not all that long ago, Python doesn't do anything smaller than 6" nose cones.
Measured the old tubes on the Falcon and found out the original tubes are LOC size but a repair/extension tube someone put in has a OD 20 thousandths smaller than the LOC. so LOC tubes will work. Problem solved.
Thank you for the suggestion on 3-D printing for the nose cones. I am going to look at some that Ken @ Performance hobbies has.
Tubing I figured out where I was going wrong, so that is sorted. The Falcon has been flown so much on motor ejection that the motor mount tube has burned through in several places.
Glad to help, Bill. When you're done repairing the Falcon and building the Fat Boys some pictures would be nice. Enjoy the holidays!