Looking for the old Public Missiles RocSim files in Version 8

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Sep 4, 2015
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Alexandria, VA
Before the old PML website was taken down I downloaded the RocSim ver 7 zip file posted on their site, it was named PMLRKTSv7. The current version of RocSim gives the error "Cannot read the file....Fails to parse the XML content". I use the Way Back machine to try and retrieve the newer file they also had posted on their site named PMLRKTSv8, but unfortunately that content wasn't archived. Does anyone have it? Thanks, Bill
Thanks so much for sending the V8 Zip file. That worked perfectly in both Open Rocket and the latest version of RocSim. I really like some of the old PML kits and having files that can be opened will make cloning a couple a lot easier.