Looking for someone with kids for Beta testing!

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Nov 5, 2002
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We here at Rockethead Rockets would like to a education bulk packs of the Blink Family. We are looking for someone who has kids and is will to let them put together the kits with supervision. Then report back to us on if there is any problems that might come up with kids putting them together. If you are interested please send a PM or e-mail to [email protected]

Thank you
Originally posted by SecretSquirrel
Can I do it? I've been told I have the mind of a child. :D

I too have been told that I have the mind of a minor...
I cold always try to build it while on my knees?

i'm only 15... do i count as a child??
the only thing is i may have a hard time supervising myself :D. also i have an amraam2 and a scratch built 2" (5' long) rocket as well as misc other repairs/smaller scratch built rockets begging for attention... still i think i could spare some time for your kits:cool:

recommendation: Contact your local elementary schoolg (4th - 6th graders) and talk to their teacher and/or science teacher about you or them doing a class with your kit. Offer them a great discount (perhaps at cost) and explain that you are using the class as a beta-test for education bulk packs.

They get a rocket class at a great price, you get invaluable feedback...

just a thought... (lots of fun too :) )

Well...I've got 3 kids of my own.

Timothy 12 yrs old / Built a couple on his own
Philip 8 yrs old / Built a Pratt Positron with help from Dad
Emily 7 yrs old / Built a Quest "quick kit" with a little help from Dad.

Timothy is in an "accelerated" group at school (6th graders). The teacher has already expressed interest in building rockets in class. I sent some Estes Educator info with Timothy to school. Right now, I think she's planning on buying some bulk packs from Doug Pratt.

Plus...in my free time, I'm Asst. Cub Master for the local Cub Scouts. Lot's of energetic boys there.....

I got an 8 and 6 year old with some experience. Let me know if we can help.
I've got two boys

12 & 9 they have been into rockets since Nov. and have built a few. We would be glad to help. Let us know

I am a child:p. Can't say I can do any testing as of now, maybe in a few weeks. Supervising myself with rockets and xactos... Done:).